Max Polyakov Who Came from a Poor Family Won 300,000 Dollars in a Casino

Max Polyakov Who Came from a Poor Family Won 300,000 Dollars in a Casino

Max Polyakov did not grow up in a rich family and he lost his parents which made his life and that of his siblings harder. But despite the hardships, Max always believed that he will become rich one day.

More about Max Polyakov

  1. New home
  2. As a student, Max Polyakov worked really hard and always got remarkable grades. One day a childless couple went to his school looking for whom to adopt. This couple spotted Polyakov with several books and they felt really impressed that they decided to pick him. The two together with Polyakov relocated to Thailand.

  3. Finding a partner
  4. At the place where Max Polyakov lived with his new parents, another couple came to stay nearby. They also had a child, a pretty girl who Max became really attracted to and felt that she will become his wife someday. Max worked really hard in school and he ensured to do some part-time job every evening making sure he gives that girl a good life.

    Next Max finished school and later married that girl. These two lovers never really had much money so they lived in a small house. They were expecting their first child after 1 year of marriage.

  5. Unforeseen changes
  6. Max’s wife became ill after 9 months. She was operated on and gave birth to a girl. Max Polyakov had to borrow money to use in paying for his wife’s medication because her bill had gone up. This forced him to work harder each day so that he could return all the money he had borrowed.

  7. Becoming wealthy
  8. Max Polyakov stopped working at the age of sixty-four. This is when he began playing casino games. He always went to his favourite casino often to practice.

    One time he went to play games as usual but something great occurred. He emerged a winner of 300,000 dollars. He was so happy that he had finally become wealthy as he always wanted when he was young. He used his winnings to purchase a good house and he also opened a café.

  9. Pattaya trainer
  10. Everyone that learned about the win of Max came to inquire how he did it. This forced Polyakov to begin coaching people about gambling.


Max Polyakov at the end achieved his desire of being wealthy. Presently, his cafeteria and his casino classes are attracting so many aspiring gamblers every time and his family is enjoying a wonderful lifestyle.

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