Max Polyakov: Becoming Wealthy at His 60s Through Gambling

How Max became wealthy

Max Polyakov: Becoming Wealthy at His 60s Through Gambling

Max Polyakov grew up in a family that was not well off; he even became an orphan a very young age. Max encountered so many challenges but that never stopped him from believing that one day he will be wealthy and happy.

Getting adopted

Like every other young child, Max Polyakov went to school and he was among the brightest students in class. Some parents one day went to Max’s school to adopt a child because they were unable to have their own. Max really impressed them with how determined he looked and they adopted him.

Meeting a woman

Max Polyakov and his adopted parents moved to Thailand. At the place where their home in Thailand was, another family that had a daughter lived there. Max fell in love with that girl; he did everything possible to win her heart.

Max finished school and he actually married that girl. The two were still young and they did not have much money to take care of themselves, and they even lived in a very tiny house. After one year of marriage, Max’s wife was pregnant.

The unexpected happened

The wife of Max Polyakov fell sick when he was about to give birth. She was operated on and gave birth. Her medical bill went up that Polyakov had to borrow money to clear it. To clear his debt, Max was forced to start working day and night throughout.

Gambling and winning huge

When he reached 64 years old, Max Polyakov quit his job and started playing casino games. He used to go to a certain gambling den where he could be taught how to gamble.

Mr. Polyakov kept on going to the casino as usual but one day his dream of becoming rich came true. He went to the casino and played as usual and luckily, he won three hundred thousand dollars. The first thing he did with this one is getting a new house and next decided to start a cafeteria.

Sharing gambling tips

The people who heard about Max Polyakov winning huge went to him to ask how he did it. So, Polyakov decided to start gambling classes.


Max Polyakov finally achieved his childhood dream. Currently, his café and gambling classes are attracting a lot of people and his family is living the best life ever. Check to see what else Max is up to these days.

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