Retiree Max Polyakov Won 300 000 Dollars in Online Casino

retiree Max Polyakov

Online gambling is becoming more and more popular every day. People choose the following kind of entertainment because it is a great chance not only rest but earn some cash as well. Thousands of gambling institutions open their doors to inspired gamblers all over the world. They dream to get fantastic prize and become rich. All except Max Polyakov who even didn’t hope to become a rich man at his 65.

Retiree Max Polyakov and his difficult childhood

Max Polyakov was born in ordinary family. His parents worked hard in order to bring up three children. Despite the fact, they did not have lots of toys and sweets, three boys were happy and friendly. Every weekend the family walked in the park or fished. They laughed a lot and dreamed about a big and comfortable house. Max Polyakov was the youngest of three brothers and spent a lot of time by his father. Playing football on fresh grass was their hobby. Mother cooked simple but delicious dishes and invited them to the dinner. It was wonderful time they would never forget.

Unfortunately, everything changed one day. Polyakov’s parents were returning home from work when had a car accident. Three boys were left without parents at so early age. Next day they were sent to local boarding school because had no relatives.

Every new day was like a challenge for them. They learned to live without caring and loving parents. Of course, brothers had food to eat and clothes to wear but they were not happy anymore. That is why Max Polyakov decided to study well to get education and become successful so that his parents could be proud of him.

All free time the boy spent with books and soon he became one of the best students in his school. His results were fantastic. On a day of the tenth birthday his life changed greatly.

Another life and new parents for a smart boy

It was a sunny autumn day when a young couple visited a boarding school. They couldn’t have children so decided to adopt a boy. Both man and woman were nice and kind. They constantly smiled but still worried because of such important event.

A couple was walking through the hall when saw a young boy with a plenty of books in the hands and big green eyes. They definitely liked him at first minute so decided to choose Max Polyakov at once.

The boy was happy and sad at the same time. He wanted to have a family, to live in own house and eat tasty breakfast in a cosy kitchen. However, he liked his brothers and was not ready to leave them here. All in all boys supported Max Polyakov and promised they would meet soon. They did not know it was their last meeting.

Thailand: the dreams come true

Max Polyakov and his dreams about house in Thailand

New parents had to move to Thailand because of Polyakov father. He was offered a good position in a local company so the family packed suitcases and flew to Bangkok, the capital of beautiful country. It was like a dream for a young boy who began to be happy again. Everything was new and exciting for him here.

Family rented a nice house not far from the center of the city and began their new life. The boy went to school and made many friends in a short period of time. Teachers liked smart and determined student who showed excellent results in all subjects. He had to work hard every day to have the highest marks.

Max Polyakov got everything he wanted: loving and attentive parents, new friends, comfortable house and even a favourite cat Molly by name. It seemed he won a jackpot.

The love of the whole life

In spring, a new family moved to the house next to Polyakov family. There were three of them: parents and young pretty girl. Max Polyakov fell in love with her at first sight. Despite they both were only fourteen, teenagers spent all free time together.

Max’s parents were glad their son felt happy and forgot about all previous difficulties. They often invited Karen to their house for a dinner and smiled while talking about future.

Polyakov was in love and did not even want to think that something could change again. He walked with Karen in the park and went fishing like in early childhood. He remembered parents and was thankful for getting another chance to begin everything again.

Further education and new goals

A boy realized he wanted to spend all his life with Karen. However, he also understood he needed a good education. That is why he entered local university and continued his study there. In the evening a student worked to earn some own money to present Karen nice gifts. Soon he graduated from the university and young people married.

Unfortunately they did not have enough money for own house that is why had to rent a small flat. But this fact didn’t make them upset. They were happy and made plans for future. The couple thought nothing could spoil their mood.

Soon Karen realized she was pregnant. Max Polyakov was very happy. They both waited for a baby and imagined how the life would change with a birth of a child.

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Unexpected changes in Polyakov life

9 months passed very quickly. Karen was preparing to go to the hospital when suddenly felt ache. Max Polyakov brought her to the medical establishment and soon woman brought a long-expected child to the world. Unfortunately, something went wrong and Karen had some complications with health. Polyakov had to go borrowing to make several necessary operations. They faced serious difficulties but still loved each other and their newborn girl.

Karen was operated successfully but her husband couldn’t constantly be with her. A man worked hard day and night to make more money for further medical treatment. Moreover, they had to return money they took for an operation.

They both were very tired, but were not going to give up. Soon Karen felt better and they returned to ordinary life. However, it took the family a lot of time to give money back. Nevertheless, Karen and her husband were happy to have each other and a nice girl.

Never stop dreaming about a wonder

Changes in Max Polyakov life

Max Polyakov and his wife had a great life together. They loved each other and did not mind they had no money to purchase own house. It seemed it was not so important when there was somebody who appreciated you and was ready to support in any situations.

At the age of 64, Max Polyakov was retired and had a lot of free time. He started to get interested in gambling and even dreamed to get some prize one day. The man read much about various games and winning combinations. His wife was okay about it as did not want to return him to reality.

In a few months, the man came across JoyCasino ltd and liked it very much. It had everything to provide visitors with excellent gaming performance. Max Polyakov tried new games and slot machines and was happy when succeed. JoyCasino ltd became the second house for inspired gambler. He practiced day and night to play better.

One day Max Polyakov decided to visit JoyCasino ltd as usual. However, it was not just another day spent in favourite gambling establishment. His life had changed forever. Finally the man succeeded and won 300 000 dollars in JoyCasino ltd in Bangkok. He was happy as well as his wife.

Max Polyakov got enough money for own house

Polyakov and his wife could not believe they were rich. Max Polyakov told newspapers he had never won anything before. JoyCasino ltd brought them amazing opportunity to purchase own house at once. They looked for ideal place to buy real property. It was so important to choose the best one. Finally, the family found a fantastic house on Pattaya beach.

The location was just nice. The house had amazing view from the window. Could they ever think they would be so lucky when Max Polyakov started to find out more about slot machines and gambling in general? Of course not!

The couple gathered all things and left for the house of their dream. They didn’t know what to expect from new life but the most important for them was to be together.

Fame and other achievements

At present time, Max Polyakov owns a nice house on Pattaya beach. It is the high time to embody other dreams. He and his wife are going to open a small café on the beach. They found a suitable building and now think what to impress local people with. The couple wants to have a cosy and attractive café that will be able to become a great place where friends can meet and chat with a glass of favourite drink.

Their daughter is going to visit them soon. Grandchildren look forward to meeting with grandparents.

The couple is very happy. However, Polyakov cannot forget the taste of winning. That is why he spends all free time in gambling institutions. The man knows last tendencies and the most popular games. He even sometimes wins and continues to practice constantly. Max Polyakov bought a new computer in order to have the best gaming experience. By the way, his wife decided to learn more about slot machines as well. She follows all husband’s recommendations before starting play every time.

Max Polyakov becomes a Pattaya coach

Local people found out about Polyakov success in online casino. They began to ask him many questions in order to learn his personal secret of high winning. Almost every day visitors of café are interested in Polyakov strategy and he is always ready to provide them with all necessary information.

One day he was so tired after a long conversation with one man who asked him endless questions that decided to change the things. Max Polyakov told his wife he wanted to become a coach and teach people all casino rules and principles he knew.

Karen supported her husband and his idea. They decided to close café for a day in a week and make classes about online gambling. The couple was impressed when saw the number of people that were interested in casino. They wanted both have a rest and earn some money and already knew that playing slot machines was a great choice for sure.

Every Friday the audience gathers in Polyakov café and discusses details of every popular game. They know much now and are ready to practice and win. Of course Max Polyakov earns a nice amount of money when opens his secrets to other people. It is a great advantage for him as well. Karen is always near him and makes coffee when people are staying until late night.


Polyakov café and online gambling classes are popular with both local people and tourists. He provides them with a fantastic opportunity to study and become successful. The winnings of his students are impressing as well. That is why Max’s lessons are worth visiting to find out something new.

Sometimes he gives interviews and tells how his life has started again at not very young age. He recalls moments from childhood and youth and is thankful for everything he has now. A nice house that was bought thanks to online casino winning is excellent proof that nobody knows what tomorrow will bring us.

He persuades all friends and comrades not to hesitate and try gambling for sure. He is confident that it is a great way to change the life. Finally, Polyakov just asks people to be attentive and read all rules carefully. He continues to practice online and share secrets of becoming rich and happy. Now he has everything he has been dreaming about since early childhood. The family is his support in any situation.